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The designed building of Kuwait International Law School reflects the prestige of law in general; the exterior of the building was designed to be a combination of the Roman and the Islamic architecture. The Roman triangular columns in the design are to reflect the Roman era and its role in the development and implementation of law. On the other hand, the building design also combined with the Islamic architecture to reflect the Islamic era, and the Islamic civilization, that contributed as well to the development of law by producing Islamic Law that became one of the most recognized legal systems in the world.

Kuwait International Law School is the first Private Law School in the State of Kuwait that provides an opportunity for many individuals seeking excellence in legal education as well as a flexible course schedule. This is a feature that is not provided in the government sector. In addition, KILAW follows the system of credit hours in its program of study.

The school seeks to spread legal education while providing a rich environment through constant communication with the administration and faculty members, as well as various activities that help create a healthy and social atmosphere.


KILAW deliberately provides a suitable atmosphere of cultural diversity, wishing to receive academic acknowledgment from different countries, in addition to the recruitment of staff from different nationalities in all departments of the school. It aims to provide a diverse environment because it believes that diversity enriches the educational experience as well as to focus the concepts and experiences and different points of views. The name “Kuwait International…” reflects the diversity of its students, faculty members and staff.

Cultural diversity promotes a healthy society that accepts and respects diversity in all aspects of life; it enhances the skills of dialogue and mutual learning from people that come from different cultural backgrounds. It also enhances mutual respect and teamwork and helps build communities and economic competitiveness. KILAW seeks to provide the best overall service to its students. The lounge rooms are allocated for the students to spend their free time between lectures. Also, the school hasentertainment halls equipped with games and, in addition, a cafeteria for light snacks and meals.

The school provides a safe and healthy environment for learning in all its facilities. It works on the continuous development ofall aspects of the activity altogether including all parties in the educational process. In addition, the faculty promotes the distinctive values of the students and the respect of customs, traditions, and rules of conduct to assert their sense of belonging to the school.