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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest authority in the School. It maintains the school’s best interests, provides its overall policy, monitors its implementation, and oversees the academic and research work and all other matters related to its activities and systems in accordance with law, regulations and the decisions.
The Board of Trustees assumes the School’s Council duties, in a temporary basis until its establishment, if another School or more are established each shall also have a School Council by of the Board of Trustees decision.
The Board of Trustees of KILAW was formed upon the Private Universities Council approval. The Board of Trustees consists of the following members:

Advisory Board

The main purpose of the Advisory Board is to express its opinions and provide advice to the President/Dean as well as to the Chairman and the members of the Board of Trustees in various academic issues, educational and other issues related to legal studies areas, as per the school’s programs, which leads eventually to the creation of new ideas for improvement and development the school and strengthening relationships and increasing opportunities for cooperation with international universities and Law Schools.

The Advisory Board consists of eleven professors from international distinguished Law Schools with great academic legal knowledge and intensive experience including law in practice. Following are the Board members:

School Council

The School Council is developing policies, standards and foundations to improve the level of work at the school in all aspects of academic and administrative, financial, and the development of standards for the implementation of the policy of the Board of Trustees in these matters.

In addition to developing the academic plans and programs whether current or future, the school council is also involved with developing policies to enhance the School facilities and to provide them with services equipment,hardware and tools, according to the latest scientific trends.

The School Council also provides a clear basis to oversee the policies related to faculty teaching assistance, students and the library, Further, it provides sound policies to support the school in all aspects of its scientific and social development.